If you want to come to the Pride Games, we wanna make it easy for you. We offer free private housing in our own houses during the days of the event.

FREE HOUSING IN PRIVATE HOUSES for the nights of the 21st and 22nd of June

GMadrid Club offers, in a disinterested way, the chanche of being hosted in private houses, according to the rules listed here below:

The free lodging in private houses will be assigned by strictly following the order of the registrations payed correctly. The number of the assigned lodges depends on the availability offered by our club's members and supporters.

The organisation is responsible only for private accommodation
for the nights of the 21st and 22nd of June.

Asking for accommodation is not needed if you privately arranged a piece of accommodation in a friends' house, acquaintances' house, hotel or hostel.
Please do not ask for accommodation in this case and remember that the organization is not responsible of private arrangements.

The assignment of the available free accommodation will be communicated via e-mail. In case you are among the selected ones, you'll have a week to contact the host. After that deadline you'll lose the right to be hosted and we'll proceed to reassign it.

In the case you cannot attend the event, or you no longer need the assignated free private housing, please send us an email as soon as possible.
The reassignment and the changes are exclusive competence of the organization; neither the team captains nor the presidents of the clubs can reassign or change the hosting.

Ask for accommodation

In order to ask for accommodation please contact us at  housing@juegosdelorgullo.com

Open up your house

In order to offer a piece of accommodation, contact us at  housing@juegosdelorgullo.com

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